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Copenhagen!!! July 1, 2009

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I made it to Copenhagen!!! Today I met my textile group, went on a boat tour, and listened to a brief history Copenhagen. There are only ten of us in the textile group, and we’re all girls. Four of us are from Pratt (though I don’t know the other three well) and the rest are from other schools in the U.S. I think there are about 200 students all together in the program. Most of them are in the architecture program, and in the furniture program. I think it’s nice though that there are only ten of us in textiles. We met with one of our teachers who explained the program and is suuuuper nice. Then we all ate lunch together. Then we listened to a lecture about the history of Copenhagen, in a very hot, non-air conditioned, non-venilated town-hall type room at one of the universities where some of the groups have studios. After that we got to go on a boat ride! It was one of those low, flat tour boats that they have all over Europe. It was really nice to be outside, and get to tour around withouth walking around! Copenhagen is really beautiful and the weather has been much warmer than it usually is (around 80 degrees!) which is hot for walking around. I’ll post more info about the apartment I’m staying in and all the other activities I’m doing soon!

P.S.- I’m working on figuring out how to put descriptive captions on my photos. For now, those are my friends Brekke and Allegra in the pictures with me, and a bunch of buildings in Copenhagen.


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