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Class July 2, 2009

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Today was my first day of class. In the morning, we had a lecture/talk about basic patterns and in the afternoon we drew flowers. We experimented with different styles of lines for the drawings, like regular lines, thick, think, dotted, dashed, etc. It was pretty fun, though hot in the classroom. It felt good to draw again. Most of my class ate lunch together at a sandwich shop down the street from school. We just sat on the curb, but it was nice, and the street looked so cute that we all took pictures of it.



4 Responses to “Class”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Hi, Natalie, it’s great to hear of your exploits. I bet you’re having a great time! Hope you find it fascinating, fun, and valuable. Are you eating all kinds of raw seafood?


  2. Father Tim Says:

    Hope you’re having fun and learning a lot. Did the Mini fit in the overhead compartment?

    • snowforzo Says:

      Sadly, no. There are a lot of minis here though! Just not electric… Pretty much all of the cars here are mini-sized though!

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