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In and Around the Apartment July 5, 2009

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I’m staying in an apartment in Vesterbro, in the southwestern part of Copenhagen. It’s an interesting neighborhood–up and coming, and very big which means that it’s got varying types of shops and restaurants and residents. The walk to school is about 30 minutes. So between walking to and from school and walking allll over the city everyday, my legs and feet are exhausted! Our apartment is bright and white and lovely. It has a super tiny bathroom though! Imagine the New Yorker covered bathroom in my house, with a shower stuffed in it! The shower curtain does have the New York City subway map printed on it though! You can see the Clinton-Washington stop from inside the shower! Ahhh, just like home!

Here are some pictures of the apartment and the views from it, along with a photo of my friend Maria (who’s visiting me!) and me out at dinner, and a picture of Cody’s and my vanilla icecream with maple syrup on top! (He lives in Vermont and brought 4 bottles of it!)


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