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Sweden Day Two July 16, 2009

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On our second day in Stockholm we took an extra comfy bus ride up north to the town of Leksland, where we visited Jobs Handtryck. Jobs ia a company that hand prints all of their fabric on a little complex of printing rooms, a store, and the Jobs families’ houses, on the shore of a lake. We got to see how this quaint company prints their fabrics–with heated tables and screens and colors and all. The most interesting production method for me was the markers that are used to measure the distance between screen repeats. They just slide along a rail on the edges of the tables, are measured out  before the printing starts–and then allow the printers to know exactly where to register each screen.

After Jobs, we drove to Carl Larson’s house where we had lunch (buffet!) and then had a towur of the artist’s house. The whole house-walls, ceilings, doors and floors– were hand painted by Carl!

Back in Stockholm, I went out to dinner at my favorite Indian resturant in Stockholm! Katie R., Katie C., Sarah, Shif and I enjoyed some delicious chicken, vindaloo and mango juice!


2 Responses to “Sweden Day Two”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Natalie!

    Your mom gave me the link to your blog. I love what you are doing! Enjoy your time away and feel free to come visit. XXX, Linda

  2. linnternsjo Says:

    I’m from Sweden and I love Jobs handtryck! It’s very similar to Josef Frank but cheaper.

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