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Sweden July 16, 2009

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Last Thursday morning, my textile group took a train from Copenhagen to Malmo and then transfered to a train to Stockholm. After about four hours, our group and teacher, Malene, arrived at the Zinkensdamm Hostel in Stockholm. This hostel was on the outskirts of the city, but was still only a short walk to the more bustling parts of the city. Zinkensdamm was reeeeally nice for a hostel! I roomed with Shif and Katie R., and we had porridge with lingonberries each morning for breakfast.

The first day in Stockholm we visited Tio-Gruppen and Svenskt Tenn. Tio Gruppen is a group that was originally started by ten designers in the 1970s. Now it is down to just three of those ten. They make the most awesome oil-cloth bags and pot holders and change purses and fabrics!

Svensk Tenn is the home of Josef Frank’s fabric. He mostly designed from the 1920s-1940s. They still print the same designs today because they are still modern looking. The colors are absolutely fabulous and our entire group completely fell in love with everything Josef Frank. The prints reminded me of the William Morris wallpaper my parents just put up in our dining room!

We finished up the day with a walk around the royal castle (Hello Queen! and guards!) an the area of Gamla Stan, and enjoyed a vegettarian buffet (the first of MANY buffets to come…)


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