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Last Day in Sweden July 18, 2009

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The next day we roamed around Stockholm, visiting a list of design showrooms. After a group lunch at the Kultuhuset (buffet!) we visited the Liljervalchs museum and the Nordiska Museum. We saw an exhibit about Ikea which was quite fun! It told the history of the company, and had a ton of examples of all of their furniture and textiles. Sarah and Shif and I rounded out the evening with dinner at an Italian resturant near our hotel.

We checked out of the hostel on Sunday morning and visited two museums (the Modern/Architecture Museum and the National Museum) before getting on our “Ferry” to Helsinki. Stockholm was a wonderful citya dn I was sad to leave it. I had no idea what I was in for on our overnight boat ride though! We took a fifteen hour ride on a Viking Line cruise ship! There were four of us in my cabin, and all four of the beds folded down from the wall in bunk-bed fashion! After enjoying my first ever sauna (they’re big with the Finns!), and my first cruise buffet dinner, our whole group checked out the “disco” and “fun room” on the ship! They were both absolutely ridiculous! The ship was filled with drunk Finnish people singing and dancing. That’s pretty much the jist of it.

We landed in Helsinki at 10:30 a.m. and grumpily and sleepily trudged across the street to our swanky hotel. In the pouring rain we trecked to the Design Museum where we had lunch in the gift shop and sketched for a few hours. We then had a tour of Finlandia Hall. I didn’t really enjoy this. The Alvar Aalto -designed concert hall was just not exciting. It reminded me of Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center. The furniture was the most interesting part. Helsinki ♥s Alvar Aalto. We finished up the night with drinks on a rooftop bar, a sauna at the hotel, and dinner at the hotel (buffet!).


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