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My Very First Rickshaw Ride! July 18, 2009

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Yesterday started out as one of the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been here! Sadly, it didn’t quite end up as well… My class took a field trip to Helle Vibeke Jensen’s studio in Christianhavn. She was SO nice and friendly and showed us all of her illustrations and talked to her about her “process,” etc. After seeing her studio, and each receiving a complimentary autographed copy of her wordless children’s book Snakedog, we walked a few minutes over to Copenhagen Cable Park and had lunch. This whole experience was strange. Lovely, but strange. CCP is a man made beach area with a cable system that pulls wake boarders and water skiers around a track in the water! We ate ate lunch in the beach hut/loungechair area. We made our own smoked herring openfaced sandwiches and they were DELICIOUS! Helle showed us how to gently tap the skin of the herring all along the side with the back of a knife so that it is loosened from the meat. Then how to cut into it, and pull all of the meat and the bones out. We put the meat on the ubiquitous rye bread, with slices of radish, a sprinkling of chives and sea salt. There was also this weird egg-yolk stuff that we were supposed to pour on top, but not all of us did that. I think that originally, people just cracked an egg on top of the sandwich, but nowadays they use these little containers of non-salmonellay egg yolk stuff. The combination of all the ingredients was simply amazing! Shif helped me figure out that we liked these sandwiches so much because they were smoked herring, and not pickled herring (yuck!). After that one sandwich I am now a total smoked herring fan!

We walked back to the main part of the city through Christiania. Christiania used to be a military base. In the 1970s it was taken over by artists and hippies. They don’t have to pay to live there! It’s their land, but they never paid to buy it or rent it. Christiania is well known for selling drugs, and is often raided by the police. It was very nice when we walked through it yesterday though–not nearly as crazy as I thought it’d be. It’s quite a colorful neighborhood, and they don’t like it when tourists take pictures, so I didn’t get too many.

I was fully enjoying the day, and on my way to a computer to book a hotel in Malmo for the weekend with friends, when my left foot got attacked! Copenhagen has a tradition of digging holes in the sidewalks for construction, and then laying two or three sheets of plywood over them for people to walk on. As soon as I arrived in this city and saw that, I knew it was a bad idea! Yesterday, as my whole class was rounding a corner on a sidewalk, one of the pieces of plywood snapped and ate my foot, trapping it between two sheets of plywood! OW! My foot immediately swelled up a full inch, and my teacher got me ice from a nearby restaurant as I repeatedly stated “that’s so gross! that’s nasty! ew!,” while watching a nice big hemotoma grow on the top of my foot. Deciding that I definitely needed to see a doctor, Amanda got a rickshaw driver to come pick me up and take me to a cab (the cabs couldn’t reach me on the little street/square I was sitting in with the ice), and my teacher called DIS to find out what hospital to send me to. The rickshaw driver was super nice and didn’t make us pay! What felt like half an hour later, Shif, Sarah and I arrived at the emergency room at Bispebjerg Hospital. After Shif explained that we were Americans and spoke English, the nice man at the desk asked for my ID and then asked me if I wanted any painkillers. YES please! Three pills later I was sitting in the waiting room with Shif and Sarah, watching the Tour de France in Danish on the television. THREE HOURS later, I was finally sent to an exam room by Mia, a nurse. One more hour after that, a lovely doctor finally came to check out my foot. I explained the whole mess of a story, and she poked and pressed my foot, and declared it unbroken (phew!) and told me to take ibruprofen. After a four hour adventure at the emergency room, and a cab ride home, (it was now 9:30 p.m.) Sarah, Shif and I all got pizza from the wonderful place up the street from my apartment. Sarah and Shif are amazing! They kept me cheerful the whole time, and roared with laughter as we watched “A Very Potter Musical” on YouTube, since I missed out on going to see the real new Harry Potter movie, that I had a ticket to.

So we had to put the kibash on the trip to Malmo, and I really don’t think I’ll be going out this weekend at all. But I have a fridge full of food and this way I’ll actually get some homework done.

Hooray for smoked herring sandwiches, Shif and Sarah!


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