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The End of the Trip July 18, 2009

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On Wednesday, we drove out to the country to see Hvittrask. On our way, we briefly stopped at Myyrmaki Kyrka, a church with beautiful, pale, textiles hanging from the ceiling. Hvittrask was the homes and studio of Herman Geselius, Armaus Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. Saarinen is the father of Eero, that guy who built all of those buildings along the river in Chicago, and the tulip table/chairs, and Noyes Hall at Vassar (shout out to Sarah!). Those three got together in Stockholm and decided to build a studio together in the country on the shores of the “White Lake” (Hvittrask).

After Hvittrask, we drove to the best part of the trip! The Marimekko factory! It was awesome to see so many well-known and beautiful fabrics being created! The actual factory was not opperating (since it’s vaction season in Europe) but we still got to walk through it and see all of the show rooms and all of the bolts and bolts of finished (hah! Finnished!) fabric. We got to see the automobile print that my family had on sheets when I was little, and of course all of the flowers. Next Spring’s line looks AMAZING!

We all made it back safely on a flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen, and definitely definitely definitely enjoyed a full day of rest on Thursday.


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