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Lisbet Friis July 22, 2009

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Here are some snapshots from our field trip yesterday. We walked through Dyrehaven to Raadvad. Raadvad is a beeeeautiful area where only craftspeople are allowed to live! They can apply for a house there (which is cheap and gorgeous!) but the wait to get one is about 20 years. In the park, we stopped and had a picnic at the “tea castle.” Dyrehaven was originally a hunting ground for the King. This small castle did not have any bedrooms in it, but was only meant to serve tea for guests while hunting. In Raadvad, we visited the Lisbet Friis and her studio. She prints tons of POLKA DOTS and stripes! Yippee! So much fun! Lisbet was wonderful and gave us cake and coffee and tea and answered our many, many questions.


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