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Kaffe Gelato July 23, 2009

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Two nights ago, our apartment owners, Astrid and Oliver, took us out to dinner and icecream and Tivoli. They were back in town for one night and wanted to show us around the neighborhood. They are SO nice! They have a little baby girl, Uma, who came to dinner too (and a son, who didn’t). They all have blonde hair and super blue eyes and are over six feet tall (well, not Uma…). We went to a kebab  place for dinner. Afterwards we went to a Sicillian Gelato place. It was super delicious, and the fellow working there was wearing an “Il Laboratorio del Gelato” tee shirt! I basically flipped out, and asked him why he had the shirt, and wheather he had been there (no he hadn’t) and told him that he HAD to go there, blah blah blah. It made me really miss Tony, but was definitely a nice reminder of him. Il Laboratorio seems to always pop up in funny places to remind me of Tony. I like that though. You can get THREE flavors in a small there! So I had coffee (finally, I found coffee ice cream in Copenhagen–I had been missing it dearly), hazelnut, and something called Suppe Inglese. Allegra and I deduced that this was butter rum. Yum! Yum! Then we explored Tivoli. I thought it would be super cheesy, but it was beautiful and intriguing! It felt like we were walking around the set of “Big Fish” because of all of the beautiful lights.
My parents arrived last night, and I will definitely be taking them there! Hurray for them visiting!


3 Responses to “Kaffe Gelato”

  1. Ed Says:

    It was so much fun to go to Tivoli Gardens (and everyplace in Copenhagen) last night with you as our personal tour guide. Now we know what everyone is talking about and what all that noise is that we hear when we walk to our hotel. I hope to go back tonight and try something tame – the bumping cars or the fun house perhaps. Dad

  2. Jeff Wheeler Says:

    Natalie, I’ve loved following your adventures! But tell me: did your parents get you the dress???

    Look forward to hearing more.


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