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Phew! August 3, 2009

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I cleaned the bathroom! Hurray!!! Ok, just had to get that out there…

I haven’t posted in over a week! Eek! I’ve been kinda busy… Anywho, here’s some stuff that I’ve done:

1. My parents and I visited the King’s Gardens and Rosenberg Castle. Woot for castles!!! Then we tried to go shopping since it was supposed to rain. On the way to the store, we got caught in a massive crazy deluge (props to Wordmasters for that vocab word!) and ran into the nearest store. Turns out it was called “SuperDry!” Ironic!!! The store was pretty cool and I ended up with a new windbreaker from there. After the rain calmed down, we finally made it to Illum, the big Danish department store. I found Tupperware-like containers there!!! Finally! They’re melamine, and one is red and the other is yellow. Now I can transport my lunch in style!

2. After that, Iook my parents to the Design School finish up some silk screened test prints with me. I think they had fun. I have to get the pictures Mom took of Dad helping me. He even wore the fancy schmancy lab coat to protect his clothes! So professional!

3. That night, I decided that we should venture up to Klampenborg, near DeerHaven, because I heard there was a beach there, and thought it would be a fun area to explore with the ‘rents. We got off the train and veered the opposite direction of the park, in search of a restaurant. We found a restaurant! But it was over $200/per person for a prix-fix meal. That was clearly a no-go. So we wandered for a few more minutes, and found another restaurant. In true Apuzzo fashion, the  three of us were all starving at this point, so we just walked in and sat down without really scoping things out. The terrace out front was covered in Arne Jacobsen Ant chairs, but other than that, everything seemed normal. Turns out that we were eating in Arne’s restaurant! It used to be part of a condominium that stretched along the whole beach! The patient waitress explained to us that he designed the condos and everything in the restaurant, and then lived in the complex. I think the waitress was happy to see us, because she explained that it’s usually just rich old plastic surgeons who eat there! The meal was delicious though!  We started out with some crispy rice and seaweed strips. Most of the food there either mimicked the sea or Deer Haven park. There were fresh herbs from that forest on everything! Oh boy, those were interesting names to translate!

4. I went out dancing! At a place called Jolene’s in the meatpacking district, right near my apartment! ‘Twas SO much fun!!! I definitely need to do that again before I leave here.

5. On Sunday, my parents, Shif, Sarah and I went to Malmo! Woot! Woot! We ♥ Sweden!!! We resumed our Swedish Chef impressions for the day, and wandered around the city. It’s only a 45 minute train ride from Copenhagen, and rather small. We started out at some sort of design center there that was really sweet. They had a whole slew of textiles, including Jobs Handtryck, Josef Frank and Tio Gruppen. It was like a mini study tour! Then we HAD to go to H&M, since Sweden is its motherland. I bought some blank shirts to print on, and Shif bought an awesome hoodie.

6. My parents and I went back to my apartment and along with Allegra, we watched the Royal Christening!!! Prince Joachim’s (he’s not the crown prince…) third baby boy was being baptized. This is his first baby with his new wife, Marie. I was very excited about this whole royal event thing! It took a while for us to track down the exact time and the television channel it would be played on, but we did it! The big deal with the baptism is that that is when the baby’s name is first publicly announced. This baby was named Henrik, after his grandfather. I had a blast watching it. I think everybody else thought it was terribly boring.

7. On Wednesday night, Shif, Sarah, Katie and I went to the Ice Bar to celebrate Shif’s 21st birthday. We had the place to ourselves for a while, so we had a total blast dancing and being silly in our fabulous blue winter capes and gloves. We got free champagne too, since Shif told them it was her birthday!

8.. The first three days of last week were spent printing at the Design School. On Thursday, we took a field trip to my teacher Malene’s studio. It was pretty sweet! She shares a space with a group of other women textile/fashion designers. It turns out that Mia Plank of Plank Design (see my first post) has her studio there!!! I was shocked to walk in and see all of her pot holders and tea cosies and pillows lined up! I bought an owl pillow from one of the other designers, Karen Bagge. It was just too cute to resist! And we got the wholesale price too! I can’t decide between naming it Felix or Uma. Any thoughts on that?

9. On Thursday, the Textile Ten took a field trip to Tietgens Kollegiet. It was a dormitory built around 2006 that was amazing! It was built in a circular shape, with lots of common rooms. The whole thing was beautiful and way better than any other dorm I’ve ever been in, and a lot of apartments too.

10. On Saturday, I took a break from printing, and went to a soccer game! I went to Parken stadium, and saw F.C. Kobenhavn play S.I.F. The game was a draw: 1-1. F.C. Ko. had a million shots on goal, but the only one that went in was penalty kick by Santin. The two best players were, of course, Brazilians!

11. Saturday night and Sunday were epic work days. Our whole class was in the studio working on our research paper (I wrote mine on Karin Mannerstål, a Swedish textile designer) and preparing our digital prints.

12. This morning, we printed our test digital prints. So exciting! We printed one sample of our design on four different fabrics, so that we could determine which fabric we want to use for our giant digital print. The next two days will be spent printing our final digital prints. After that, we just have to put together our portfolios and have our exhibition and wrap things up! Oh my! This is all coming to an end so quickly! I still have mega exploring to do in this city! And I still haven’t met the queen. I must get on that!


2 Responses to “Phew!”

  1. Sue Says:

    I vote for Felix – is that a Scandinavian name? Dad votes for Uma because that definitely is.

    You’re so right about that dorm and all its accoutrements in multiple colors. Agitate for one like that at Pratt!

  2. snowforzo Says:

    Felix is a Scandinavian name! Well, sorta? One of Prince Joachim’s son’s name is Felix! It’s royal!

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