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Copenhagen Fashion Week August 9, 2009

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This week was/is Fashion Week here! I went to two fashion shows. The first was for a group called Style Crackers. Their clothes were reeeeally weird! It was all funky sportswear, which I wasn’t expecting. It was in a wearhouse in the meatpacking district, only ten minutes from my apartment. A whole bunch of us from Textiles went.

The second show I went to as a part of class, with one of our teachers, Helle Vibeke (of Snakedog fame). It was at City Hall and was the work of the graduates from the Designskolen Kolding. That’s the other design school in Denmark (not Danmark’s Designskole, where I was printing.) This show was much bigger and more legit than Style Crackers. My favorite collection was Pernille “Pille” Horst’s. She did some fun stuff, including a girl walking down the runway, holding a cloud on a stick, with silver threads of rain coming down from it, as if the cloud was following her wherever she walked. She also had some awesome crocheted necklaces that looked like a whole bunch of semi-inflated balloons. Her’s was the most humorous collection. The others were very good too though. Check out the pictures!


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