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The Weekend August 9, 2009

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Friday night I went to Tivoli again. I think that visit made me officially love Copenhagen. I went with Shif, Sarah and Shif’s friend Laura. The four of us waited online for an hour to get in, and then another hour to ride the swings. The swings are those ones that rise up on a tower and then spin around and around. Seeing the city at night from the swings was amazing! Sooo beautiful and magical! You might be wondering why the line was so outrageously long. Well, it’s because Aqua was performing that night, and ALL of Denmark came to see them! You don’t know who Aqua is? Remember that song from about ten years ago, “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, life in plastic, it’s fantastic!…”? Yeaaaah, that’s Aqua. They are pretty much Denmark’s sole claim to Pop music. We caught a big of their concert, but mostly spent the night on the rides! Shif and I discovered that she and I are amusement park buddies, because we both like the same level of rides (i.e., no crazy roller coasters!) She and I rode the non-upside down roller coaster THREE times, and a pirate ship ride, a carousel, and the Monsoon. The Monsoon was the scariest, but they were all totally awesome. I ended the night with a nice big cone of blackberry sorbet, and elderflower sorbet. I mostly love all things elderflower, or “hyldeblomst,” and this was especially delicious!

Saturday was spent renting a bike, going to studio, and celebrating Emma’s 21st birthday on a party boat with extreme amounts of techno music. It was awesome. Sarah and I got the bikes together, just for the next week. Her’s is a hot pink road bike kinda thing. My bike is PINK! with flowers on it! Haha! I’ll take a picture soon. It’s kind-of amazing. Heehee.


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