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Frederiksborg August 13, 2009

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Today was an epic tourism day! Sarah, Shif and I toured ALL of Fredriksborg by bike! We started out going to the Royal Copenhagen Outlet (we thought there would be a factory tour, but there wasn’t) where none of us bought anything because it was all still ridiculously expensive. Then we biked through Fredriksborg Have, a BEAUTIFUL park! It’s enormous and fantastically groomed! There is a castle-type building there, on top of a sloping hill lined with two rows of trees, and a river with row boats on it, and bridges galore. After we made it through the park, we had lunch on Fredriksborg Alle, the main tree-lined street of the borough. We then biked a few minutes south to the Carlsberg brewery/museum. It was so much fun! There is a self-guided tour through the museum, and then you get to try two beers at the end! The whole thing was very well done. I tried Carl’s Ale and Summer Wit (wheat). After all of that, we biked alllll the way across the city, to DIS, where we turned in our studio locker keys, and then went to the big craft/artisan fair in Frue Plads. The stuff there was super nice, but SO expensive (like everything else here…) One of my teacher Malene’s studio-mates, Mai Plank, had a table there which was fun to see. We all had dinner at a Thai restaurant near my apartment, and then, after a nap, we went to Shif’s kollegium. It was the first DIS kollegium I’ve seen! It was a little sparse, and in the middle of nowhere, but still fun. Phew! Picture time (pay attention to my bike!) (and my helmet, Mom):


2 Responses to “Frederiksborg”

  1. Sue Says:

    I see the helmet – good girl!

    You have been so busy – fashion shows! “Craft” fairs – a la Danish! Flowered pink bicycles! I can hardly to hear more.

  2. Ed Says:

    Hi Nat,
    Everything looks great – the textiles, the bike (including the helmet) and the dress. I am glad that you found the big occassion for its debut. I hope you did not have to wear it while riding the bike. See you soon.

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