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CASTLES! August 15, 2009

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Sarah, Shif and I had a crazy day today! We fit everything into our schedule perfectly, even though it was pouring rain most of the day! We started out at the Amalienborg Slot museum, where we hoped to see an exhibit on tiaras (but that sadly ended yestereday), and instead pushed through the mass tourist crowds there and saw some cool royal silver. We then walked up to the Statens Museet for Kunst. There we partook in a sweet dance exhibit (Dans, Dans, Dans!) and saw a million paintings and sculptures. After finding some lunch, Sarah and I returned our pink bikes 😦 and then we all headed up to Hillerød to explore Frederiksborg Slot. This is a different Frederiksborg castle than the one we saw in Frederiksborg the other day. This one is HUGE and awesome!!!! It has a moat, and a lake, and copper roofs. It’s a brick building, and looks a lot like Rosenborg Slot. The two were both the brainchildren of Christian IV. Maybe that’s why! The gardens were absolutely spectacular! The most fun part, though, was that there were weddings going on while we were there! We saw TWO brides! According to the ticket seller, there were four weddings today, and SIX last Saturday!!!

I think if I were to live in Denmark, I would love to live in Hillerød. It is a small town, but adorable, and has this CASTLE in it. It also has an H&M! And is only an ~40 minute train ride to the center of Copenhagen. It was lovely.


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