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Back Home! August 18, 2009

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I made it back home! Yay!

Check out the textilers on Design*Sponge! Brittany hooked us up with a post there: Design*Sponge

Toodaloo for now!


CASTLES! August 15, 2009

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Sarah, Shif and I had a crazy day today! We fit everything into our schedule perfectly, even though it was pouring rain most of the day! We started out at the Amalienborg Slot museum, where we hoped to see an exhibit on tiaras (but that sadly ended yestereday), and instead pushed through the mass tourist crowds there and saw some cool royal silver. We then walked up to the Statens Museet for Kunst. There we partook in a sweet dance exhibit (Dans, Dans, Dans!) and saw a million paintings and sculptures. After finding some lunch, Sarah and I returned our pink bikes 😦 and then we all headed up to Hillerød to explore Frederiksborg Slot. This is a different Frederiksborg castle than the one we saw in Frederiksborg the other day. This one is HUGE and awesome!!!! It has a moat, and a lake, and copper roofs. It’s a brick building, and looks a lot like Rosenborg Slot. The two were both the brainchildren of Christian IV. Maybe that’s why! The gardens were absolutely spectacular! The most fun part, though, was that there were weddings going on while we were there! We saw TWO brides! According to the ticket seller, there were four weddings today, and SIX last Saturday!!!

I think if I were to live in Denmark, I would love to live in Hillerød. It is a small town, but adorable, and has this CASTLE in it. It also has an H&M! And is only an ~40 minute train ride to the center of Copenhagen. It was lovely.



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Yesterday Sarah and I went to Louisiana! It’s a modern art museum in Humlebæk‎. It’s pretty much the countryside, and has spectacular views of water and Sweden across the way. The integration of the building and the setting of the museum was executed wonderfully. We saw a bunch of stuff there. It was cool. There was a Louise Nevelson piece, and some Henry Moore sculptures! The best part besides the view was the Lego area in the children’s section. We got to make buildings and then put them up on a Lego wall to create a Lego city. ‘Twas fun! My building had a portico and arches. Because it’s fancy like that.


Frederiksborg August 13, 2009

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Today was an epic tourism day! Sarah, Shif and I toured ALL of Fredriksborg by bike! We started out going to the Royal Copenhagen Outlet (we thought there would be a factory tour, but there wasn’t) where none of us bought anything because it was all still ridiculously expensive. Then we biked through Fredriksborg Have, a BEAUTIFUL park! It’s enormous and fantastically groomed! There is a castle-type building there, on top of a sloping hill lined with two rows of trees, and a river with row boats on it, and bridges galore. After we made it through the park, we had lunch on Fredriksborg Alle, the main tree-lined street of the borough. We then biked a few minutes south to the Carlsberg brewery/museum. It was so much fun! There is a self-guided tour through the museum, and then you get to try two beers at the end! The whole thing was very well done. I tried Carl’s Ale and Summer Wit (wheat). After all of that, we biked alllll the way across the city, to DIS, where we turned in our studio locker keys, and then went to the big craft/artisan fair in Frue Plads. The stuff there was super nice, but SO expensive (like everything else here…) One of my teacher Malene’s studio-mates, Mai Plank, had a table there which was fun to see. We all had dinner at a Thai restaurant near my apartment, and then, after a nap, we went to Shif’s kollegium. It was the first DIS kollegium I’ve seen! It was a little sparse, and in the middle of nowhere, but still fun. Phew! Picture time (pay attention to my bike!) (and my helmet, Mom):


Final Exhibition

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Yesterday was our final exhibition! All of the DIS students (Furniture, Architecture and Textiles) exhibited at the Architecture school in Copenhagen. I wore my Marimekko dress!!!! Enjoy the pics:


Finally! August 11, 2009

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I’m finished!!! We had our final crits today, and for the most part, they went extremely well! Afterwards we all went out and celebrated (at H&M! haha!). We gave our teacher, Malene, a little troll-topped pencil, as a thank you gift and an inside joke from the study trip. She LOVED it, which was amazing! Here are some pictures from exploring yesterday and today. All that’s left is setup for the big exhibition tomorrow morning, and the actual exhibition!


The Weekend August 9, 2009

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Friday night I went to Tivoli again. I think that visit made me officially love Copenhagen. I went with Shif, Sarah and Shif’s friend Laura. The four of us waited online for an hour to get in, and then another hour to ride the swings. The swings are those ones that rise up on a tower and then spin around and around. Seeing the city at night from the swings was amazing! Sooo beautiful and magical! You might be wondering why the line was so outrageously long. Well, it’s because Aqua was performing that night, and ALL of Denmark came to see them! You don’t know who Aqua is? Remember that song from about ten years ago, “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, life in plastic, it’s fantastic!…”? Yeaaaah, that’s Aqua. They are pretty much Denmark’s sole claim to Pop music. We caught a big of their concert, but mostly spent the night on the rides! Shif and I discovered that she and I are amusement park buddies, because we both like the same level of rides (i.e., no crazy roller coasters!) She and I rode the non-upside down roller coaster THREE times, and a pirate ship ride, a carousel, and the Monsoon. The Monsoon was the scariest, but they were all totally awesome. I ended the night with a nice big cone of blackberry sorbet, and elderflower sorbet. I mostly love all things elderflower, or “hyldeblomst,” and this was especially delicious!

Saturday was spent renting a bike, going to studio, and celebrating Emma’s 21st birthday on a party boat with extreme amounts of techno music. It was awesome. Sarah and I got the bikes together, just for the next week. Her’s is a hot pink road bike kinda thing. My bike is PINK! with flowers on it! Haha! I’ll take a picture soon. It’s kind-of amazing. Heehee.